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Company Profile


Chongqing Youda Culture Communication Co., Ltd., referred to as: Youda Culture. Youda Business School was founded in 2016 by founder Zhu Hui, together with several partners such as Huang Mengyu, Shu Wei, Li Junyi and Fang Yongjian. The company is located in Changjiang International Office Building, Nan'an District, Chongqing.


Company Profile

Youda Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Youda Culture) was established in March 2016. The registered capital is 5 million yuan. The company has a total of 38 branches throughout the country. In 2017, the company's total product sales reached 30 million.

尤其在系统的融资规划方面给予用户强大的理论支持和技术支持。 Youda Culture owns a one-stop integrated financial education service platform, such as Youda Jinshi, Youda official website, and Youda micro-course. With strong Internet technology, it is committed to providing users with more optimized, more accurate and more Multi-dimensional, more efficient financial services, especially in the system of financing planning to give users strong theoretical support and technical support.

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Lecturer team

Youda Culture has a professional team of lecturers and a first-class online and offline teaching platform. They strive for perfection, pursue perfection, surpass themselves, answer questions for registered students, have independent innovative thinking, and launch unique intelligence with strong R&D capabilities. Algorithm, decision engine, accurate analysis, screening and matching of Shanghai volume loan products, tailor-made personalized Internet + financing, card withdrawal, card planning, P2P loan application, credit diagnosis, and other financial service solutions . Committed to helping users improve their credit ratings, create personal credit assets, help small and medium-sized enterprises to raise funds, solve problems such as capital management, and help enterprises operate successfully. Use your own expertise to create your own credit asset plan.

每天利用YY语音在线教育平台为广大用户讲解系统化的融资知识,输出人人都能掌握的信用融资技术,真正解决融资难、融资贵的问题。 Online: Daily use YY voice online education platform to explain the systematic financing knowledge for the majority of users, export credit financing technology that everyone can master, and truly solve the problem of financing difficulties and financing.

每月举办4到5场的密训地面课,为报名的学员现场授课答疑,面对面交流,帮助更多资金困难,需要融资的学员走出困境。 Offline: 4 to 5 secret ground courses are held every month to answer questions and answer questions for face-to-face interviews. Face-to-face exchanges help more financial difficulties, and students who need financing go out of the woods.

Youda Culture, Youda Business School Mentor Group has always adhered to the company's vision of helping 100,000 students achieve wealth freedom within five years, insisting on social communication credit, disseminating financial business, and helping to create value for our customers. Multi-credit card users upgrade their credit ratings, and build personal credit assets ranging from 0 to 3 million according to their own credits ; help small and micro enterprises to plan corporate credits to create spare funds ranging from 0 to 10 million, to solve the problem of capital chain breaks in enterprises. Help companies to go public.

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company advantage

The world economy is undergoing tremendous changes, and economic globalization and integration have become an irreversible trend. This is an era of great change. It took less than two decades from "product scarcity" to "excess merchandise." Entrepreneurs who have not adapted to “overproduction” will usher in a wave of “capital surplus”. All successful experiences of the past will be the root of your failure today. Time change is destined to redistribute world wealth.

In the current financial market, as the user's loan amount, price, loan speed, customer experience, and brand of each financial company, it is difficult for customers to compare, and there is not enough ability and information to compare, it is difficult to choose the best product.

Therefore, China's current financing is still a big problem, financing is difficult, and financing is expensive.

Youda Culture, not only a professional team that provides customers with first-class financing loan consulting services, but also a system of financing audio and video graphic one-stop financial education platform, excellent lecture hall, excellent official website, and more professional financial instructors every day. Online special question answering platform YY voice. All-round understanding of customers to understand and master the knowledge and technology of the financing system, allowing customers to maximize financing to the desired funds.

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How to deal with the company's today and the future in the process of change?

How to make your assets grow in geometric progression?

In the continuous opening of China's financial market and the promotion of reform, the University's cultural credit brokerage came into being.


Even if you are a grassroots, you can quickly and effectively finance with low cost. Youda Culture strives to make financing easier! Credit itself is wealth, spreading credit for the society, spreading financial business, creating value for us who believe in our millions of users, and bringing you into the door of financial information to create wealth! Within three years, he is determined to inject a strong force into the development of the national financial industry, realize the wealth of the people, and share the Chinese dream of a financial power.

Adhering to the vision of helping 100,000 students achieve wealth freedom within five years, Youda Culture, Youda Business School will hold large-scale events every month in Chongqing - financial business decoding special, financial giants, economists, corporate giants gather together One, stir up ideas, plan the future. The number of direct influences exceeds hundreds of thousands, and the number of VIP students exceeds 10,000. The agents are located in 36 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chengdu.


It shoulders the mission of realizing the freedom of wealth and sets off the mystery of finance for hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs in China. Professionalism is the only magic weapon for Youda Culture to win; innovation can guarantee the company's market competitiveness. 等。 In order to influence the wisdom of finance more systematically and directly affecting Chinese entrepreneurs, Youda Culture, the tutors of Youda Business School have developed: "Ultra-fast credit financing 0-100,000" "Ultra Fast Fast Kaban" "Super Fast Intensive Care Class, "Small and Micro Enterprise Financing Combat", "Leadership", "Investment Risk Analysis", "Partners and Equity Series", "Public Speech", etc. Professional courses in the fields of investment, financing, capital operation, and business management. Let enterprises pass the professional system course training, directly, effectively and comprehensively understand the core of finance, and help Chinese enterprises to get out of the economic winter.

Course Introduction

Credit planning class

1. Teach you to build credit and do the credit loan behind it.

2. Good use of credit cards to create a result of a reserve cash flow of 3 million.

3. Repair credit and solve funding problems.

4, in-depth understanding of industry information, real-time grasp of the latest industry trends, to build their own financial platform.

Credit building class

1. Analyze your own situation and choose the appropriate card application

2, choose the right card channel, so that the success rate of credit card application is improved

3, how to do online second batch card, 5 minutes results

4, how to solve the problem of local can not apply

Credit crash course

1. How to seize the Internet finance and get a lot of money?

2. How does the national P2P lending platform work? Which platforms are easier to make?

3. What are the indispensable conditions for applying for online loans?

4. What if I can't withdraw the amount?

5. What should I do if online loans are only open to some regions?

6. How to build your own financing platform?

7. The latest online loan sharing.

8, teach 800 P2P online loan system from research and development - lending - operation

9. Teach how to change from a borrower to a lender

10. Teach how to build your own lending platform through mobile and PC-side data.

Leadership Program:

1. A system that allows the internal and external teams of the enterprise to automatically evolve, so that the company can absorb the talents from the bottom of the world, truly realize the iron-plated camp, the people who flow, and let the talents of all levels of the enterprise automatically update and upgrade;

2. A set of stunts to identify the pros and cons of a project, a set of project-innovative design systems based on the theme of the era, a set of project roadshow strategies that investors can't stop

3. Understand how to establish a bank system that can generate money within the enterprise, a set of optimal path for the enterprise to connect with the external capital market, and let the enterprise realize the strategic initiative on the road of capital.

4. How do small and medium-sized enterprises use capital to break the logic of industrial operations in the simplest and most effective way to achieve a combination of industry and finance?

5. A system that allows companies to deploy enterprises directly from the perspective of industry chain and industry

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Student story:

Today, with the opening of China's financial market and the great changes, the outstanding cultural people are determined to make progress and innovate, and to provide more entrepreneurial wisdom to Chinese entrepreneurs, so that more entrepreneurs can realize true wealth freedom. Facing the future, all the great cultural people have always been solidly moving forward to the vision of helping 100,000 students achieve wealth freedom within five years.

报名前做生意亏欠银行20万以及小贷80万,报名弟子后又马上成为代理商,早已经还清欠款,现在成功买了两套房,准备换宝马 Disciple Wang Liguo: Before the registration, the business owed 200,000 yuan to the bank and 800,000 small loans. After registering as a disciple, he immediately became an agent. He has already paid off his debts. Now he has successfully bought two suites and is ready to change BMW.

在报名前负债80万,不到一年时间成功还清80万负责,还盈利40多万,还开了自己的工作室。 Senior member Sun Haitao: Before the registration, the debt was 800,000 yuan. In less than one year, he successfully paid off 800,000 yuan, and also earned more than 400,000 yuan. He also opened his own studio.

在报名前负责20万,一年多盈利100多万,现在每周收入都过10万,年入400多万。 Disciple Chen Lili: Before the registration, she was responsible for 200,000 yuan. She earned more than 1 million yuan a year. Now she has a monthly income of over 100,000 and an annual income of more than 4 million.

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In the conference hall of Youda Business School, there are reflections, excitement, laughter, and tears of joy. The faces of the harvested ones have become the wings of the great culture, and they have also gathered into the wealth dreams of all entrepreneurs.

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Company Vision:

In the future, Youda Culture will continue to be market-oriented, user-centered, innovation-driven, relying on advanced technologies and concepts to better understand and meet customer financing needs, and provide first-class one-stop smart financial services for all. .

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In the next four years, our goal is to have 100 agents across the country and open 40 branches to help more students who need help realize their freedom of wealth.

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Here, I am also very grateful to everyone for your trust and affirmation, and sincerely thank the "U fans" who gave us suggestions. We will continue to improve in the future, continue to improve, provide more quality services for everyone, and finally the same sentence:

What you need is dry goods, what you want is a boutique. Excellent culture, helping 100,000 students to achieve wealth and freedom, one hundred years unchanged!

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