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The "thirty-six tactics" of the tactics left by the ancestors were applied to the battlefield to defeat the enemy and win thousands of miles. The capital market competition is also like a battlefield game. It is to see how the "sixty-six measures" can make a splash in the field of financing.

已经到来,融资经纪(中介)同行之间的竞争不再仅仅是管理和营销层面的竞争,而进入更深层面的竞争—— 技术专业度的竞争In China, the era of financial and business success for deep-level capital operations has arrived. The competition between peers in financing brokers (intermediaries) is no longer just competition in management and marketing, but enters a deeper level of competition-competition in technical expertise . The success or failure of competition ultimately depends on the speed, effectiveness and scale of financing operations.

Financing intermediaries through their own technology to expand the success rate of customers to make orders, to achieve the spread of word-of-mouth effect, from small to large, slowly snowballing the development of customers. ,对于资质无论多差的客户,只要找到你,在你手中你都能实际的帮得到他,这一点,显得更为重要。 In this development mode , it is particularly important to have a solid vertical professionalism. It is even more important for customers with no matter how bad the qualifications are, as long as they find you, you can actually help him in your hands.

In the country, there are currently millions of financing intermediary practitioners. In the case of fierce competition, they must develop rapidly. If the development is slow, they will be eaten by competitors. Therefore, to develop rapidly, we must learn to improve ourselves. ,是不入流的中介;入行一年如果还没有实现月入10万 ,是不合格的中介。 If you haven't achieved monthly income of 50,000 in the first half of the year, it is an incompetent intermediary; if you have not achieved 100,000 monthly income in a year , you are an unqualified intermediary. How amazing the speed and effect of making money in this industry will not be repeated here.

:让你提高做单成功率1000倍的新方法,让你通过百种融资方案,狂揽客户突破竞争大潮,实现客户不用抢的“ 自来水效应 ”,实现盈利模式永续性发展 ,实现个人收入几何式增长 [Financing 36 counts] : A new method that allows you to increase the success rate of orders by 1,000 times , allowing you to rush through customers through hundreds of financing solutions to break through the tide of competition, achieve the " tap water effect " that customers do not need to grab, and achieve profitability sustainability Development to achieve geometric growth of personal income. There is a way to raise money, a way to make money, and there is nothing out of nothing.

Financing intermediary 18Q:

Do you Worried about lack of professional skills ?

,还为了没有客户做单而烦恼 2. Are you still annoyed that you have no orders for customers ?

,还为了没有网贷口子撸而焦虑 3. Are you still anxious that there is no internet loan ?

,还为了没有专业老师辅导发愁 4. Are you worried about not having a professional teacher ?

,还为了黑户客户下不了款而心烦 5. Are you upset that black customers ca n’t make money ?

,还为了客户资质差而不知道如何操作 6. Do you not know how to operate because of poor customer qualifications ?

,还为了害怕客户跑单而不敢操作 7. Are you afraid to operate because you are afraid of customers running orders ?

,还为了地区中介同行多而不知如何抢占市场业务 8. Do you still wonder how to seize market business because there are many regional intermediary peers ?

,还为了如何做一个一流中介而没有思路 9. Do you have no idea how to be a first-rate intermediary ?

,还为了没有备用资金而发愁 10. Do you worry about not having spare funds ?

,还在为负债压身而难受 11. Are you still uncomfortable with your debt burden ?

,还在为融资难而苦恼 12. Are you still worried about the difficulty of financing ?

,还在为资金缺而烦恼 13. Do you still worry about lack of funds ?

,了解金融的魅力 14. Do you understand the charm of finance ?

,了解信用的价值? 15. Do you understand the value of credit ?

,了解低成本运作项目 16. Do you know about low-cost operating projects ?

,想知道这个行业年入百万的故事 17. Do you want to know the story of this industry's annual revenue of one million ?

,想知道这个行业如何让人摆脱负债,成功上岸 18. Do you want to know how this industry can get people out of debt and successfully land ashore ?


Comprehensively explain 36 types of capital, wealth, commerce and warfare methods, analyze more than 200 orders, and 80% of them are senior veteran credit brokers (intermediaries) who have made orders for 3 to 5 or even 7 years. Practical examples of commonly used financing methods and zero-based order making procedures.


Four profit thinking of intermediaries

Platform thinking, entrance thinking, cross-line thinking, ecological thinking

Eight profit methods of intermediaries

Product profit, brand profit, model profit, system profit

Resource profit, technology profit, information profit, financial profit

Intermediary profit model planning

13612 mindset, one center, three ideas

Six steps, 12 replacements

Financing 36 count core technology series

hot spot

Leveraged thinking, value-added thinking, top thinking, outside thinking

Financing is only a matter of a second. What is important is the formation of the formation before the financing.

Air duct gains, super spin-off, future monetization, platform selection

The purpose of financing is not just to raise money, but to integrate social resources.

Rongren, financing sources, money, the world

Different financing objects have different demands

Consumers | Employees | Boss | Company

Set goals | set candidates | set time | set prices | set forms | set exits | set rules | set targets ...

120 major risk warning signals for 12 military-regulated credit customers in the micro-loan industry risk control



:全面讲解36种资本财商兵法,200多个做单实操问题解析,80%为资深老信贷经纪(中介)做单3到5年甚至7年经验提炼,重点深入讲解十几种实战中最常用的融资方法实战案例及零基础做单操作流程,解密金融机构在融资中对客户资质的评定、审核的指标、方法及标准等核心技术。 36 courses in financing : comprehensively explain 36 types of capital, wealth, commerce and warfare, more than 200 hands-on analysis of order making problems, 80% of senior veteran credit brokers (intermediaries) making orders for 3 to 5 years or 7 years of experience, focusing on in-depth explanations Several of the most commonly used financing methods in actual combat cases and zero-based ordering procedures, decipher the core technologies of financial institutions in the evaluation of customer qualifications, audit indicators, methods and standards.

The core outline section is as follows

:征信差的客户如何修复的操作术 ① Touching fish in muddy water : how to repair customers with bad credit

大数据如何重新打造? ② Take it easy: how to rebuild big data?

:网贷做不出钱,如何通过第四种模式操作? ③Li Daitao's deadlock : How can I use the fourth mode of operation if I can't make money with online loans?

:如何改变资质差的客户融资难的局面? ④ Payroll at the bottom of the kettle : How to change the difficult financing situation for poorly qualified customers?

:改变传统思维,全新第四种盈利模式 ⑤ Long distance and close attack : change the traditional thinking, the new fourth profit model

:融资系统方法论:如何零基础做信贷中介? ⑥ Flowering Tree : Methodology of Financing System: How to Be a Zero-based Credit Intermediary? How to grow from entry to senior intermediary? How to upgrade from senior intermediary to ashes intermediary?

:中介职业发展中,前后、中期、后期如何规划长线稳赚方案? Long distance and close attack : In the career development of the intermediary, how to plan a long-term stable profit plan before, after, medium and late?

:中介职业发展中,前后、中期、后期如何实现客户永续性拓展接单? Slamming the East and West : How to achieve customer sustainability expansion orders before, during, after, and after the intermediary career development?

:规模化发展,如何成为当地最正规化的信贷中介公司? Wu Andu Chen Cang : How to become the most formal credit intermediary company in a local area with large-scale development?

:首度公开:独家研发的修复系统,全新亮相,系统解决中介做单遇到的99%的问题。 Capture the thief and capture the king : first public: the exclusive research and development of the repair system, a new appearance, the system solves 99% of the problems encountered by the intermediary order.

● Tutor advantage:

1. Rich experience in practical financing mode, laying a solid foundation for teaching and teaching. Mr. Shu has many years of teaching experience in financial investment strategic planning, and understands financing plans and channels for tens of thousands of qualified customers. He has served as a strategic consultant of advanced profit models for several large credit intermediaries in China, and has deep experience in financing and credit technology and education of single profit models.

2. Professional focus, Mr. Shu focuses on the planning and innovation of intermediary profit models, and has always adhered to the principle of "actual results-oriented". Starting from training, using consulting in-depth, on-site help students to answer hundreds of practice centers The problems encountered are explained one by one, and the profit of the disciple class students is doubled through the planning of the money-making model.

● Course Features

1. Landing, using the experience of senior intermediaries that happened around you as a case, through field combat exercises.

2. Practical, simple and practical grounding gas, suitable for intermediaries at all stages, from entry to deep.

3. Professional, visualize, tool and process the training content.

● Teaching style

Strong logic, esteem systematization and refuse fragmentation, explain profound things in a simple way, build a house high up to the root.

● Ms. Shu quotes

In the financial intermediary industry, the major obstacle is to live in a three-dimensional world with planar thinking. Intermediary is not based on a single idea, a single method can be successful, but a set of three-dimensional intermediary profit model financial and business system thinking .

Student case one

Name: Qi Gaoru

Area: Qingdao, Shandong

Registered as a junior member on August 5, 2017 to learn with Teacher Shu

Before studying

When I registered, I had a debt of more than 200,000. Because I didn't know the financing method before, there was a serious imbalance between income and expenditure.

After studying

After following the financing plan given by Mr. Shu, he continued to do it step by step, but the pressure of repayment still exists. Later, he communicated with the teacher and borrowed 3,000 yuan from friends to sign up for a fast card class to learn fast card technology. On December 26, 2017, the tuition fee was paid at 12 noon, and the registration fee has been repaid at 7:14 pm. So far, all the debts have been paid off, and only the current monthly mortgage and car loan are left.

When signing up

After studying

Student case two:

Name: Jinhua

After studying

17.11.18 The students who enrolled in the teacher's online loan class earned the tuition of the online loan class in 7 days, and then upgraded to the teacher's disciple class. From a previous sale that didn't understand anything, the daily income reached over 10,000.

Student case three:

Name: Zuo Deyou

After studying

After studying in October, after 6 months, under the guidance of Teacher Shu, he successfully raised 1.78 million yuan! I don't know how to use the funds raised.

Student case four:

Name: Li Guosheng

Before studying

Credit card that has not been credited for five years

After studying

Through the teacher's method, he mentioned that 60,000 solved his own financial problems and realized freedom of wealth.

Student case five:

Name: Bai Bo

Before studying

Sign up for Shu Shu disciple's series of courses, Xiao Bai who doesn't understand anything, low-end agents on the market!

After studying

Already 90% of the cards can operate the card god! Through the guidance of the teacher, continuously increase income to achieve wealth freedom!

Student Case Six

Name: Li Fulian

After studying

After signing up for Mr. Shu's disciples, he has started to accept apprentices locally. One apprentice 12600, with an intermediary business, now has no need to operate at all. The following apprentices have already started one by one, and the business need not worry about themselves.

Student case seven:

Name: Li Yanxi

Before learning:

Before being enrolled in the study, he was burdened with debts

After learning:

I met Mr. Shu through the platform, from being hacked into a "dead" by the intermediary, to solving personal problems, to a state of monthly income of 30,000, thank the teacher, the encounter, and the hard work and guidance of Mr. Shu.

What you need to register to study:

2018年6月19日-20日 (2天1夜) Time: June 19-20, 2018 (2 days and 1 night)

《融资36计:无中生有,无为而治》 Theme: "Finance 36: Out of Nothing, Governing by Doing Nothing"

(Limited to students from Teacher Shuxin's disciple class)

12800元/人 Investment amount: 12800 yuan / person

2018年6月15日-16日 (2天1夜) Time: June 15-16, 2018 (2 days and 1 night)

《初级学员线下地面课密训班》 Theme: "Intensive Offline Training Course for Junior Students"

(980 junior students and above participate; retraining is not supported)

980元/人 Investment amount: 980 yuan / person

2018年6月17日-18日 (2天1夜) Time: June 17-18, 2018 (2 days and 1 night)

《高级学员线下地面课密训班》 Theme: "Training Course for Senior Students Offline Ground Course"

(Participants of senior sections and above participate)

9800元/三大板块/人5800元/单个板块/人 Investment amount: 9800 yuan / three major sections / person 5800 yuan / single section / person

ways of registration:

Contact customer service for details

,进入邀请函H5 and enter the invitation letter H5



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