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Shu teacher's first pupil class starts a lesson to remind! Financing thirty six: out of nothing, govern by doing nothing! Earn money, win first!

Source: excellent group -- the first brand of credit and financial training. Release time 2018-06-07


The "thirty-six measures" left by the ancestral army can be used to win the battle and win the battle. And capital market competition is also a battlefield game. How can the "thirty-six measures" be used in the field of financing?

In China, The era of financial intelligence in deep level capital operation The competition between financing agents (intermediaries) is no longer just a competition between management and marketing, but also a deeper level of competition. Competition for technology majors The final outcome of competition depends on the speed, effect and scale of financing operation.

Financing intermediaries, through their own technological consolidation, will expand the success rate of customers' success, spread the word of mouth effect, and gradually develop snowball customers from small to large. Under this development mode, Whether the vertical expertise of technology is solid is particularly important. No matter how bad the client is, you can actually help him in your hands, which is even more important.

At present, there are millions of financing intermediaries in China. Under fierce competition, they must develop rapidly. If they develop slowly, they will be eaten by competitors. Therefore, we must learn to improve ourselves if we want to develop rapidly. For half a year, if not yet realized Monthly income 50 thousand It is an intermediary that does not flow; if it has not been implemented for a year, Monthly income 100 thousand It is an unqualified intermediary. The speed and effectiveness of money making in this industry is amazing.

[financing 36] Let's increase your success rate. 1000 times The new method allows you to take advantage of hundreds of financing schemes to get customers to break through the tide of competition and achieve the goal of "no need to grab customers". Tap water effect "To achieve profit model Sustainable development To achieve personal income Geometric growth Financing is a good way to make money.

Financing intermediary 18 questions:

One Are you And worry about not having professional skills. ?

Two Are you And worry about not making a list of customers. ?

Three Are you And anxiety about not having a net loan. ?

Four Are you And worry about not having professional teachers. ?

Five Are you It's also annoying for the black customers. ?

Six Are you And I don't know how to operate because of poor customer qualifications. ?

Seven Are you In order to fear customers' running orders, they dare not operate. ?

Eight Are you And I don't know how to seize the market business in order to get more intermediaries. ?

Nine Are you And there is no way of thinking about how to be a first-class intermediary. ?

Ten Are you And worry about the lack of reserve funds. ?

Eleven Are you They are still suffering from debts. ?

Twelve Are you Still struggling for financing difficulties. ?

Thirteen Are you Still worrying about lack of funds. ?

Fourteen Are you Understand the fascination of Finance ?

Fifteen Are you To understand the value of credit. ?

Sixteen Are you Understand low cost operation items. ?

Seventeen Are you I want to know the story of this industry getting into millions every year. ?

Eighteen Are you I want to know how the industry can get rid of liabilities and successfully go ashore. ?


A comprehensive explanation of the 36 kinds of capital and financial business tactics, more than 200 analysis of the problem of doing single exercises, 80% for Senior Credit broker (intermediary) to do single 3 to 5 or 7 years experience refining, focusing on more than ten kinds of actual combat most commonly used financing methods of actual combat cases and zero base to do a single operation process.


Intermediary four profit thinking

Platform thinking, entry thinking, cross line thinking, ecological thinking

Eight ways to profit

Product profitability, brand profit, mode profit, system profitability

Resources profit, technology profit, information profit and financial profit.

Intermediary profit pattern planning

13612 mind, one center, three big ideas.

Six big steps and 12 big ones

Financing core technology series


Lever thinking, value-added thinking, top thinking, outside thinking

Financing is only a matter of seconds. What matters is the layout before financing.

Selection of tuyere, super split, future realisation, platform selection

The purpose of financing is not only to melt money, but to integrate social resources.

Melting people, melting resources, melting money and melting the world

Different financing objects have different appeals.

Consumers, employees, bosses and companies

Set the target, decide the time, set the price form, and exit the set rule.

Small loan industry wind control of the 12 military regulations, credit customers 120 major risk early warning signal, credit audit telephone audit 100 questions......



Thirty six financing courses A comprehensive explanation of 36 tactics of capital and financial business, more than 200 analysis of the problem of doing single operations, and 80% for the Senior Credit brokers (intermediaries) to make single 3 to 5 or 7 years of experience refining, focusing on in-depth explanation of the dozen most commonly used financing methods in actual combat cases and zero base single operation flow, deciphering the financial institutions in the financing of customer qualification assessment, audit indicators, methods and standards. Quasi core technology.

The core outline is as follows

Fish in troubled waters How to repair customers with poor credit reporting

(2) wait for work: How to rebuild big data?

3. Li replaced the peach Net loan can not be paid. How can we operate through fourth modes?

4. Drastic measures How to change the difficult situation of poor customer financing?

Long distant and close attack Change the traditional thinking, new fourth profit models.

Flowering on trees Financing system methodology: how to build a credit intermediary with zero basis? How to grow from an entry into a senior intermediary? How to upgrade from a senior intermediary to an ashes broker?

Long distance and close attack In the development of intermediary career, how to plan long term and steady profit plan before and after?

Talk about everything In the development of intermediary profession, how to achieve customer sustainability extension in the middle and late stages?

To go through thick and thin How can the scale development become the most formal credit intermediary company in the region?

Catch a thief and catch a king First public: exclusive R & D repair system, a new appearance, the system to solve the intermediary encountered 99% of the problem.

Mentor advantages:

1., rich experience in financing actual combat mode has laid a solid foundation for teaching and teaching. Shu has many years of experience in teaching investment strategy planning, and understands the financing options and channels for thousands of qualified customers. He has served as a strategic consultant for many large credit intermediaries in China, and has deep financing credit technology and teaching experience of making profit models.

2. professional focus, Shu teachers focus on intermediary profit mode planning and innovation, has been adhering to the implementation of the "practical results oriented" principle, from the beginning of training, with in-depth consultation, on-site help disciple students answer hundreds of practical problems encountered, one by one detailed explanation, through the money making mode planning, to achieve the profit of disciple class students doubled.

Curriculum characteristics

1. landing, using the experience of senior intermediaries around to do the case, through on-site combat exercises.

2. it is practical, simple and practical, and suitable for all stages of intermediaries.

3. major, visualize, tool and process training contents.

Teaching style

Strong logic, highly respected systematization, refuse fragmentation, and put it in a simple way.

Speech by Shu Shu

In the financial intermediation industry, the bigger obstacle is to use planar thinking to live in a three-dimensional world. Acting as an intermediary is not an idea. A single method can be successful, but a whole set of three dimensional intermediary profit mode financial business system thinking.

Student case 1

Name: Qi Gao Liu

Region: Qingdao students in Shandong

In August 5, 2017, junior members were invited to study with Shu Shu.

Before learning

At the time of registration, liabilities were about 200000, because there was a serious imbalance between revenue and expenditure before financing.

After learning

According to Shu Shu's financing plan, he insisted on doing it step by step, but the repayment pressure still existed. After that, he spent 3000 yuan in communication with his teacher and barely borrowed money from his friends. He signed up to fast card class to learn fast card technology, and paid for the study at 12 noon in 17 December 26th. At 7:14 p.m., the registration fee had been earned. So far, all debts have been paid off, leaving only the current monthly mortgage and car loan.

When enrolment

After learning

Student case two:

Name: Jinhua

After learning

17.11.18 signed up for the 7 days to earn the tuition fee of net loan class, and then upgraded to Shu teacher's class.

Student case three:

Name: Zuo Deyou

After learning

From October, after 6 months, according to Shu's guidance, we successfully raised 1 million 780 thousand yuan. The money that has been melted is no longer known how to use it.

Exergy Exergy Exergy Exergy Exergy

Student case four:

Name: Li Guosheng

Before learning

Credit cards were not mentioned in five years.

After learning

By referring directly to the teacher, 60 thousand solved his own financial problems and achieved wealth freedom.

Student case five:

Name: Bai Bo

Before learning

Sign up to learn the series of courses of Shu teacher's disciple, nothing at all, Xiao Bai, the low-end intermediary on the market!

After learning

Cards that have been able to do 90% can operate the lifting card. Through teachers' guidance, we should constantly increase income and realize wealth freedom.

Cadet case six

Name: Fu Lian

After learning

After signing up for Mr. Shu's disciples, he has already begun to collect his apprentice in the locality. An apprentice 12600 is attached to the intermediary business. Now he has no use for his own operation. The following disciples have all started hand in hand, and the business does not need to worry about themselves.

Student case seven:

Name: Li Yanxi

Before learning:

He was heavily indebted by black intermediary before signing up for study.

After learning:

Through the platform to get acquainted with Shu teacher, from the intermediary black into a "dead man" to solve personal problems, and then to the state of 30 thousand monthly income, thank the teacher, thank you for meeting, thanks to Shu teacher's hard work and guidance.

Enrolment for learning needs:

Time: 2018 June 19th -20 days (2 days, 1 nights)

Theme: "Financing thirty six: out of nothing, govern by doing nothing".

(limited Shu Sheng teacher student class participants)

Amount of investment: 12800 yuan / person

Time: 2018 June 15th -16 days (2 days, 1 nights)

Theme: Training courses for junior students under the ground course

(980 primary students and above participants; no support for re training)

Amount of investment: 980 yuan / person

Time: 2018 June 17th -18 days (2 days, 1 nights)

Theme: Training courses for senior class under the ground course

(senior students and above)

Amount of investment: 9800 yuan / three plate / 5800 yuan per person / single plate / person


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