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Full analysis of the reasons for credit card declines

发布时间2018-06-08 Article source: Youda Group-the first brand of credit financial business training2018-06-08

Full analysis of the reasons for credit card withdrawals!


The withdrawal was rejected for two reasons, one is the problem of credit information, and the other is the problem of using a card. Therefore, to raise a card, not only to raise your card, your own credit information, you also need to raise.


So, how to raise credit?


In fact, it ’s all mentioned before. Do n’t apply for loans repeatedly. Have less loan application records. Do n’t have too many credit cards. Do n’t have too much debt. Of interest, check out the previous article.


Reason for refusal of withdrawal:


I. Credit Information Issues




If it is overdue, the card application can be successful, and there are some types of cards that can be applied for overdue. However, if the overdue amount is generated, it will be difficult to raise the amount. All the data that affects the amount of the credit belongs to the bank's risk control system. There is a post-loan management on the credit, which means that the bank checks your credit from time to time to judge Bad debt rate, take action as soon as there is a problem.


Overdue is also divided into slight overdue and severe overdue. No matter what kind of overdue, after the credit card is overdue, do not sell the card. The correct method is to continue to use it in a benign way. Do not believe in the so-called whitewashing technology, which is a pit and then This kind of card, and the use of the card is better than before. The only technique for whitewashing is time. Generally, as long as you continue to use this card, after 2 years, it will have little effect on the application of the loan. In this case, it takes at least 5 years, and the rolling cycle of credit information is 5 years.


2. Loan application record


If you are unable to withdraw funds in the near future, it may be caused by query records. Some people repeatedly apply for loans, such as non-stop application for cards and non-stop application for withdrawals. You need to know that you only need to apply once. There will be an inquiry record. Frequently applied in the short term. If there are enough inquiries, it will be difficult to raise the amount. The correct method is to stay in place and apply again after one or two months.


3. Overall liabilities


The total debt is related to the number of credit cards, the loan situation, and the debt ratio. All of this has been explained in previous articles. Here we will briefly explain that there are too many credit cards, generally more than 6 If there are more loans, the amount is also large enough, and if the debt ratio is too high, it will affect the credit card withdrawal.


4. Network small loans


Online loans are divided into large online loans and small online loans. The influence on loan application and withdrawal is reflected in credit information, that is, the online loan on credit information. When applying for online loans, everyone must Note that to find out if the credit is not available on the Internet loan, whether the quota is high enough, if the quota is too small, do not use it. Then, what are the requirements for applying for online loans, the following will explain again, in fact, today's Ahu circle of friends Parsed!


注意以下两点 When applying for a credit online loan, pay attention to the following two points :


,一般建议在1万以上再去使用,至少也要有8000+的额度,额度太小的网贷,而且数量太多的话,是很伤征信的,对后期申贷和提额,都是很不利的,甚至一定时期内,是不能申贷和提额的,所以,做养卡的中介,一定看客户征信,这类客户就不要收了。 1) The quota must be large enough . It is generally recommended to use it above 10,000. At least 8000+ quota is also required. If the quota is too small, and the amount is too large, it will hurt the credit. It is very unfavorable to raise and withdraw funds, and even within a certain period, you cannot apply for loans and withdraw funds. Therefore, as an intermediary for card maintenance, you must look at the customer's credit. Such customers should not accept it.


,上征信的网贷,一般不要超过五条,超过这个数量,就有一定影响了,那么,什么样的情况最伤征信呢? 2) Do not have too much quantity . Generally, the number of online loans on credit reporting should not exceed five. If you exceed this amount, there will be a certain impact. So, what kind of situation will hurt the credit reporting most? Is to apply for too many small online loans on credit, only a few thousand, one or two thousand or two or three thousand lines, this type of online loan is very hurting credit, some people apply for this type of online loan, collecting There were even more than 30 letters on the letter. This type of credit collection was basically abolished. Applying for loans and withdrawing funds for a period of time were very difficult.


In short, when applying for a credit online loan, the amount and quantity must meet the standards. You must cherish your credit and learn to raise your own credit. A credit form, from scratch, from blank to data. Updates, like a piece of white paper, are all drawn by yourself, and the pen you paint is only in your hands.


Second, the use of cards


1.less than time


The main thing here is the new card. Each bank has a time period for withdrawals. After the new card is released, it takes a certain amount of time before the withdrawal can be made. Some card friends are anxious. After the new card is released, they always think about Immediately raise the amount, this is impossible at all, unless you upload financial proof, this is very fast. If not, just raise the card and spend enough time to raise the amount. Generally, after the new card comes down, it takes about half a year to raise the amount, and the fastest one takes three months.


2. Risk control investigation


If the card is not in good condition, it is easy to be controlled by the bank. For example, China Merchants Bank can easily enter the small dark room by operating cash instalment. Generally, it is impossible to increase the amount in about 9 months. If the card is not used properly, The bank will generally put you in the risk control inspection period. This is what we commonly call a "black house". There is no way to increase the amount in the black house.


3. Eligibility for withdrawal


We have always said that credit card withdrawals are related to card maintenance, and card maintenance is related to POS machines. If you want to withdraw funds, you must use the card to keep the card. Within a cycle, we recommend that you keep two cards and one intensive. A general education, if you do not put the card there, there is no eligibility to increase the amount, and the increase is just nonsense.


4, bad card situation


This is most of the reason, because the card is bad, often swiping the card at high risk, touching various high-voltage lines, which makes it impossible to increase the amount. There are many reasons for bad cards, which are commonly as follows:

,这是很多人犯的毛病,主要是刷卡金额跟POS机商户不匹配,如现在烂大街的送手刷,好些人就是在这个刷卡头上几万几万的刷。 1) Large amount of malicious TX . This is a problem committed by many people. The main reason is that the credit card amount does not match the POS merchants.

,每个月刷不了几次卡,只要刷就是大额的,而且在固定的机器上刷。 2) The number of card swipes is very small . You can't swipe a few times a month, as long as the swipe is a large amount, and swipe on a fixed machine.


,这个征信篇讲过了,严重的逾期暂不讨论,如果只是轻微的逾期,也是影响很大的,提额几率也就很低了,有一点大家要记住,逾期的卡,千万不要销卡。 3) Overdue . This credit has been discussed. Serious overdue will not be discussed. If it is only a slight overdue, it will also have a great impact. Do not sell cards.


If the card is bad and you have n’t been able to increase the amount, I suggest that you re-apply for a credit card from the bank to support. After the new card comes down, you can cancel the original card.


The specific method is as follows:


Apply as much as possible with the curve of each line. If you are lucky, the curve may be successful, and the new card may have a higher quota than the old card. If the curve fails, it is also a new card. For example, you have a credit card from China Merchants Bank. The card is bad, and it is difficult to withdraw funds. As long as it is not overdue, apply for a new card from China Merchants Bank. After the card is down, it is the new record, and then you can just raise it, and you can cancel the old bad card.

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