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Data optimization in mobile phone is beneficial to loan review rate

发布时间2018-06-24 Article Source: Youda Group——The First Brand of Credit Financial Business Training 2018-06-24

Data optimization in mobile phone is beneficial to loan review rate

Today I will decrypt the 7 unfavorable loan factors hidden in your mobile number:

I. Is my phone number my real name?

Most online loan companies now have a real-name authentication system, and you can directly find out if your mobile number is your real name through your mobile phone number.

Once you find out that the mobile phone number you filled in is not my real name, you will be considered to have suspected fraud, and the direct result will be a refusal to loan.

Whether the mobile phone number is normally used for more than six months

The current online loan must authorize the reading of the operator's call data, from which a lot of information about unfavorable loans can be read. The length of the mobile phone number and the frequency of use are the key reading objects.

Because the length of the mobile phone number and the frequency of use can objectively reflect the stability of a person's work and life.

If a person frequently changes mobile phone numbers, and each mobile phone number is used for less than half a year, then the person's work and life can be said to be very unstable.

Therefore, whether the mobile phone number is normally used for half a year is the basic condition for loan access. It is just like a credit card must be used normally for half a year to meet the withdrawal requirements.

Third, the intimacy of friends in the local address book

What does this mean? We all know that no matter what loan you apply for, emergency contact phone is required.

Then the small loan company will retrieve your call records for the past three months through the carrier data to see if the emergency contact phone number you filled out appears in the call list for the last three months.

If it does not appear, it means that the emergency contact you filled in and your intimacy are not enough, and it will make the small loan company think that the contact you filled in is a stranger, which will bring a lot of difficulties to the late overdue collection, which will cause huge loan risks. So in this case, it will be rejected directly.

Fourth, whether there are blacklisted customers in the address book friends

As the saying goes: things are grouped together and people are grouped. What kind of circle we are in determines what kind of people we are. If you are surrounded by a group of faithful friends, I think your credit will not be worse Where to go.

But if you are surrounded by people who do n’t talk about credit, then even if your credit is OK, people will question your credit.

And small loan companies will also use this logic to judge your credit. They usually check whether there are blacklists or untrustworthy executive numbers in your address book friends. Once there are numbers like this, they will also directly Refusal of loan.

V. Is there a large number of collection phone numbers in the call list?

Now is the era of big data, so the numbers of various outsourcing collection agencies may be included in the big database.

And once there is a marked collection phone number in your call list, it means that your credit has been in crisis. In this case, no loan company dares to lend you more.

Six, overdue address book friend bombing

No matter which loan you apply for, a small loan company will ask you to read your address book before making a loan. If you do not agree, it will lead to unsuccessful loans.

The reason for this is to prevent the borrower from calling the borrower's address book and bombing friends, or sending a group of SMS messages or calling them one by one to collect them once the borrower is overdue and cannot contact himself.

This kind of address book friend bombing is often more ruthless than the collection company's door-to-door collection, and the effect is better, because if you play missing after the due date, you will completely lose your reputation in the circle of friends, and you will not be able to gain a foothold in the circle.

Seven, mobile phone number can be located to your geographic location

Web transfer: When you use your mobile phone to make a call, the special system can even locate your home.

Does it sound terrifying? However, this statement has not been confirmed. Moreover, online loans are generally not collected at home, so you don't need to believe it.

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