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Reminders: July 30-31, intensive training class, advanced money-making class on August 1-2, and Mr. Huang's disciple class on August 3-4!

发布时间2018-07-21 Article source: Youda Group-the first brand of credit financial business training


[Large Voice] Meng Huang Meng's First National Disciple Class

Yan Shi ˇ¤ Mon

● Words like gold

Financial intermediary "ecological chain" passive money-making system

● Wu Yigui

Enneagram! Recognizing people and building groups! Performance bursts!

● Youyou Treasure

Huaxia Xincai's general manager analyzes the risk control system! The right medicine! 9 big loans are guaranteed!


Course details

金融中介从业者,分析部分人 无法持续被动赚大钱的 根本 原因 In the past 7 years, I have studied thousands of financial intermediary practitioners, and analyzed the root causes of some people's inability to continue to make big money.

8 "ecological chains" pain points

(定位痛点) No formal long-term business positioning (location pain points)

Failure to design a profit model for the business (pattern pain points)

No continuous customers and traffic sources (traffic pain points)

No strong trust presentation system (trust pain points)

There is no set of risk control modes to overcome customer's psychological anti-run orders (pain points of running orders)

There is no complete long-term monetization model (monetization pain points)

No plan to quickly scale up the project (scale pain points)

No set of practical techniques supported by solid theory (technical pain points)

Want to make a lot of money!

It is necessary to completely solve these 8 problems! !! “生态链” 系统! Create a passive income "ecological chain" system! !!


Let me start with a real student case:

He is a very ordinary student in Chongqing: (Slightly older, generally called him Brother Feng, I really couldn't find out what his advantages were at the time, his knowledge was ordinary, his age was not advantageous, and his foundation was very general.) But his biggest advantages: Do not doubt, obedient.

In just two years, he grew from a financial baibai to a bull in Chongqing's financing intermediary circle. He made a huge profit of 2 million in 2017. Now he has already established his team. This year his goal is 5 million. And he is only part of the money-making system of my "ecological chain" ...

Financial intermediaries that really make a lot of money, they do n’t have the unpredictable technology and rich knowledge reserves that everyone imagines. They have more of a simple and violent receipt and purchase mode, process interaction, and batch transactions. A set of processes.

What they usually use is to find a large number of hungry people, provide them with simple and lazy financing channels, often interact with each other, stimulate each other's financing needs, build trust in a short time, and stimulate them to take action and find You help, and then zoom in ....

What I want to say to you is:

If you do n’t learn the details, everything is equal to zero!

等,如今相当的一部分获客工作都由九型人格判断与切入来完成,至于其它的工作也是非常简单可以量化做到,获得客户的心,开辟全国市场。 Three years of offline training experience. From 2015 to the present, I have been researching and operating intermediary customer acquisition models, hands-on monetization models, and analysis of nine psychotypes of customer psychology . A considerable part of the customer acquisition work now consists of nine Personality judgment and penetration are completed. As for other tasks, it is also very simple and can be quantified to obtain the hearts of customers and open up the national market.


Choose a good model and save your effort. It is very suitable for intermediary "successfully" sheep making money model.

What's even more exciting is that, like many students in the disciple class, you can use a notebook, several mobile phones, do several promotions a month, and pay for work at home. The average monthly income is more than 50,000. I'm talking about personal income, I'm not talking about the kind of team income that the studio operates.

Core description

99% of the content taught in this month's disciple class is brand new. [2018 Great Voice: Financial Intermediaries Make Money and Realize Marketing System] It is the first time for the nation to make it public. The first wave of dividends in the new market under the policy, teaching content is too lethal.

Top-level design

Whether it is an individual practitioner, or a studio and a classmate who owns the company, the sooner the top-level design is established, the sooner it will succeed, and the less it will cost.


The simplest burst mode in the entire network

This set of methods to crack down on customer acquisition, combined with the nine personality study, is limited to students in the disciple class.

Even if you are a little white, the teachers will tell you the details of each step in the class without reservation.

2018 latest financial intermediary earn money monetization marketing system

Disciples' class revealed core content for the first time

In the classroom scene, directly talk about our practical cases, and organize the actual case process files, and compile the nodes into a mind map. During the implementation process, each node checks to see which aspect has not been achieved. After going through this process, it's time to harvest the fruit yourself. In the usual practice, follow the process. You will never get lost in the practice and quickly find the way to wealth. The next thing to do is to quickly zoom in.


Invited Financial Caf¨¦

Mr. Huang Mengzhang specially invited many years of good friends, general manager of financial giant Huaxia Xincai, to analyze the risk control system! The right medicine! 9 big loans are guaranteed!

This set of million-dollar marketing system. It is also designed for students with ordinary backgrounds or whites. It seems mysterious, but it is actually an executable step. It is as simple as you can understand it at first glance.

Mr. Huang himself is a hard-working person. There is no empty theory. Only by extracting the essence of actual battles and realizing a large amount of cash technology can he talk about it. Doing the art itself is the Tao.

Hearing this, let's have something more fierce (exclusive top secret)

How to set up a complete set of studio programs at zero cost (founding company, system, risk control, trademark application channels, team management, enlarging the results, leadership), 3980 yuan teacher leadership courses, and there are welfare gift courses.

8月3日-8月4日 Start time: August 3-August 4

重庆东方山水酒店 Course Location: Oriental Landscape Hotel, Chongqing

全国黄孟熹老师弟子 For trainees: National Disciples of Teacher Huang Mengxi

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