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Net black big data query, you can see at a glance, it can be called "microscope level" query tool!

发布时间2018-07-21 Article source: Youda Group-the first brand of credit financial business training

Called the user's big data "microscope level" query tool!

With the upgrading of Internet technology, everyone uses the Internet all the time. Nowadays, the concept of big data has gradually penetrated into the development of society, and big data technology has also begun to be applied to various industries such as medical care, online loan, and online shopping platforms .

What does big data on online lending mean?

Many people do not understand what big data is. For borrowers or the so-called "users" of Internet finance, big data means collecting as much personal information as possible. After processing, organizing and analyzing the information, users are obtained credit status.

For example, Alipay's Sesame Credit Score is the value that Alipay collects, organizes, and analyzes the user's property status, behavioral preferences, contacts, and historical credit.

Big data can help provide products that cannot be provided under the traditional model and meet user needs. Big data can improve the credit reporting system to help financial institutions provide financial products and reduce credit risk. On the other hand, big data can also create demand and help to realize labor. Intelligent, using massive data for calculation, analysis of the internal laws of the system, learning the laws, perfecting the scoring model, and optimizing approvals, so as to obtain better customers, collecting more massive data, the rules obtained are more effective, and the scoring model is further optimized Wait, start again and again.

What tools can we use to check our big data? Today I will introduce a good tool for checking big data!

This data query tool has two sections, personal online credit report query and intermediary professional online loan data query. Covers user evaluation, panoramic detection, loan application status, risk prediction, network asset status, and communication analysis.



Core engine: super-precision big data capture technology

? Independent research and development: one-click generation of user big data evaluation analysis report

? Microscope: 198 details such as panoramic detection of user lending behavior and risk analysis

? Net bag artifact: a must-have for big data query, a Pok¨Śmon in your pocket!

68 days technical team to build!

198 big data details super detailed query!

1-click to generate "User Data Evaluation Report"!

1000 first-line mutual gold intermediaries are highly recommended after the actual measurement!

Called the user's big data "microscope level" query tool!



Query section: Comprehensive evaluation of 8 major projects

Section 1 Basic User Information

Picture 1.png

Sector 2 User Evaluation Analysis

Picture 2.png

User data evaluation. The user data is evaluated by the risk engine. The user data quality is displayed in multiple dimensions. The pass rate of users and online loans is judged based on the user data quality. Detect user data risks in various ways and avoid touching the red line of online loan.

Section 3 User Contact Analysis

Picture 3.png

The user contact analyzes the user's close contacts, the call duration and the most frequently contacted number. Through the risk monitoring comparison library, the risk label users in the user contacts are cleaned.

Plate 4 User Panorama Detection

Picture 4.pngPicture 5.png

Obtain the corresponding data in the database through user authorization. For example, the historical highest credit limit, average credit limit, number of online loan applications, number of consumer applications, historical debit successes, failures, recent loans, and user risk monitoring. Wide data coverage!

Module 5 Loan Application / Overdue Status

Picture 6.png

Shows the user's total loan application and overdue status. If there is corresponding data in the database, it can be like overdue details and whether the overdue days are settled.

Sector 6 User Risk Detection

Picture 7.png

Monitor user credit risk. Data such as broken promises or being executed.

Sector 7 User Network Assets

Picture 8.png

Display the user's network assets, the current quota of Huayan, Huayan credit line, etc. It can also analyze the user's online shopping consumption in the past month, three months, and six months, and directly display the user's receiving address and commonly used receiving address.

Section 8 User Communication Analysis

Picture 9.png Detection and analysis of user communication behaviors can display the risk situation of user communication behaviors, long loans, risky calls, etc.

The thoughtful editor provided a big data instruction manual as follows



Tips: First check the service password of your mobile phone card, you can call the manual service query of the corresponding platform. You can also send text messages for query. Be sure to keep the network in good condition during the query, and never disconnect the network.

WeChat image_20180720165249.png

first step: Open the excellent lecture hall, click the data query at the bottom of the menu bar

The second step: Authorization

third step: After entering the phone number, click Get Verification Code. After receiving the text message, enter the phone verification code and click Login.

the fourth step: One-click evaluation of user qualification

the fifth step: A user data panorama evaluation and personal online credit report appear

Tips: The intermediary can use the user data panoramic evaluation to query the customer's credit report, which will have Taobao data information; the personal network credit report can query the personal credit report or the credit report of others, but there is no Taobao data information.

Step Six: Click on the personal network credit report query and a prompt will pop up. After clicking OK, you will enter the page. There are two options, personal query and others query.

note: Fill in the name of the information; the ID number and mobile phone number must be the same information; that is, the ID information when registering the mobile phone number, the name must be exactly the same as the information filled here.

Step Seven: The data query is filled with personal information, and the precautions are the same as the above. After the inquiry, it will jump to the recharge page. Each inquiry is 19 yuan. You can recharge as needed.

Step eight: After recharging, it will jump to completion and enter the waiting page

Step 9: Receive the verification code, enter it, and complete the query.

The user data panorama evaluation steps are the same as the personal network credit report steps, but it should be noted that after filling in the customer information, your mobile phone will pop up a two-dimensional code. The time limit of this two-dimensional code is limited, so customers need to turn on the phone Taobao, scan the QR code.

WeChat image_20180720165513.png

Note: You cannot scan the code with your own Taobao, because the action of jumping back to the home screen and opening the Taobao app will make the entire query fail. Therefore, if an intermediary wants to check its own big data on the Internet, it is recommended to use a personal network newspaper to inquire, instead of using an intermediary dedicated channel for itself.

Here is one more detail. After the scan is completed, the customer is required to click OK first, and the agent to click OK.

Called the user's big data "microscope level" query tool!

Officially launched in July, looking forward to your use!

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