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Live tonight: Lesson 4 of "Finance Brokers" Series: Current Situation of Loan Intermediaries and Market Analysis

发布时间2018-07-23 Article source: Youda Group-the first brand of credit financial business training2018-07-23


Live tonight

Loan Intermediary Topic: Current Situation and Market Analysis


Chen Nuo
[Live time] July 23
Chief Content Officer, Youda Lecture Hall
Youyi Rong APP Original Content Designer

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Chat: What exactly has stained the entire loan agency industry?

This is a gray area with mixed fish and dragons and extremely low threshold.

Any account manager has an annual salary of 2 million. Without such a high commission, how can they have a profit? This is huge profits!

Without a loan intermediary, customers may also be able to borrow less than a penny. So even if I knew that there was an agency fee, I would still look for an agency, and I would try to find a word of mouth! It is precisely because people have demand that there is an intermediary market, and many customers are willing to spend more money to facilitate the purchase of time.


1. Why did you find a loan agency?

Many people's first impression of the "intermediary" is disgust, especially in recent years, it is not too much to say "deeply hate", and occasionally receive a loan call and scold a few words of relief.

And some customers who have contacted the loan intermediary feel that they have been pitted: at the beginning, they think the handling fee is acceptable, but they did not expect that they would "sitting to increase fees" in the process of submitting the materials. No, don't give me money? I ca n’t get a bank loan myself, it ’s all this ...

On the one hand, "hate" the loan intermediary, on the other hand, they have to "love" the loan intermediary. "Love and kill each other" is probably the description of this relationship! Since many intermediaries have dug up the traps waiting for you to jump, why are you willing to jump down?

It could be these reasons:

1. Personal qualifications are not good enough, and they are worried that their loan application will be rejected directly;

2. It is too risky to go directly to the bank to apply for a loan, even if it is simply rejected, the key is that credit information is reflected;

3. The money is urgently needed, and the efficiency of the bank is too low. Even if the money can be disbursed, the far water cannot save the near fire, but the loan intermediary side can handle it faster;

4. There are many banks and loan agencies, and there are many loan products. As ordinary people do not understand the market, they cannot start.



The true face of loan intermediaries

"Pit", "vampire", "profit-only", "no moral bottom line" ... Many of these labels agree.

But going back, did the intermediary's original intentions be to solve the problem of "difficult loans"? Let us look at the definition of intermediary agencies in relevant national laws: Article 40 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of SMEs:

From a general perspective, the state not only does not exclude or even strongly encourages "social intermediaries of all kinds" to provide loan guarantee and information consulting services to other small and medium-sized enterprises. So the birth of intermediary agencies actually responded to national policies and was completely legal.

From a public perspective, there are many types and numbers of banks in China.

According to statistics, there were a total of 3822 banks in China in 2017, and credit loans and mortgage loans are the basic configuration of almost every bank.

The data report of the small loan institutions released by the central bank also shows that in the first half of 2017, there were 8,843 small loan companies in China. Even if each small loan company has only one loan product, these small loan companies also have nearly 9,000 loan products.

There are a large number of banks and lenders, so the number and types of loan products in the market are also many. Each product has different requirements for customers' loan application qualifications. Ordinary people looking for a suitable product are tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack. Many The situation wasted both time and effort and has not yet been approved for a loan.

However, intermediaries can solve this problem as an intermediate link. They charge customers for a bank or institution's products by charging a portion of the service fee, help customers provide related consulting services, and allow customers to directly apply for suitable products in a short period of time. Address loan needs efficiently and accurately.

With information consulting and loan guarantee services provided by intermediaries, individuals, entrepreneurs, and small and micro enterprise operators can successfully obtain loan financing to realize their personal value and dreams in life. It can be said that it is precisely because of the advent of loan intermediaries that it is possible for bank loans that were originally "high" to "fly into the homes of ordinary people." This is exactly what the loan intermediary conforms to public opinion.

But nowadays, loan intermediaries have become "black".



3. "The world's intermediaries are generally black"?

We often say that the principle that service agencies should adhere to is "customer first". In order to meet customer needs as much as possible, individual loan intermediaries will also embark on the "curve to save the country". Gradual development has led to some negative aspects of loan intermediaries impression.

Many customers have only two requirements for loans: the interest is as low as possible and the amount is as high as possible.

If you want to meet these two requirements at the same time, you can only find a bank. This requires customers to have excellent qualifications. However, the actual situation is that there are few high-end customers. Retain customers and achieve their goals through some 'operations' (fake credit, fake flow, fake contracts, etc.).

But we all know that "you can't have both fish and bear's paw". If the customer's qualifications are excellent, then you can obtain a loan with a lower interest and a more satisfactory amount through the bank. However, customers with average qualifications or poor qualifications will not be able to get a satisfactory amount if they want the lowest interest rate. On the contrary, the greater the customer's funding requirements, the stricter the risk control of banks or lenders, which means the risk of loan intermediaries And costs increase, then the cost of intermediary will increase accordingly.

Therefore, it is the individual behavior of individual loan intermediaries that has tarnished the entire industry, and the entire industry of loan intermediaries is not a hell-opening door.

However, there are also many loan intermediaries who adhere to their original intention and provide loan services for everyone.

There is a case:

A client needs a bone marrow transplant to seek a loan because his wife has leukemia, but the client's qualifications are really bad. Not only is bank access hopeless, even many small loan companies are not applying. The account manager learned that the client's wife already had an adapted bone marrow, and only needed to raise the cost of the surgery to perform the operation, so he explained the situation to the superior, and made a “free of charge” to provide loan application services for the special circumstances of the client. Promise of. With the hard work of the account manager, I obtained a loan from a small loan company. Of course, the amount is extremely low. If I want to make up for my wife's surgery costs, this money is a sloppy salary.

So the account manager stated to the client that they could do a crowdfunding for the client, and it might fill the gap in surgical fees faster. Maybe the client was unwilling to make his personal situation public, or maybe he wanted to try again on his own. The client rejected the client. Manager's advice, ready to try other loans ...

As a financial service institution, loan intermediary companies can collect corresponding intermediary fees as input costs and remuneration according to law. For example, the current 10% intermediary service fee is common in the market, and the specific fee fluctuations will fluctuate depending on customer qualifications, credit products, and customer personal needs. In the above case, the customer's qualifications are more general but they can obtain a service-free loan with the help of the account manager. In fact, it can be seen that many intermediary service companies are not "crow-like black", and many companies have kept their original intentions. Serve the people.

Almost everyone has heard "Don't forget your original intention, you can always get it", but in fact, few people know the next sentence, "Early heart is easy to get, always difficult to keep."

No matter what you do, it is the most precious thing to stick to your original intention, and it is the same to do credit intermediary services. As long as an intermediary company remembers that it is to solve the problem of “difficult loans,” the industry still has hope and shine!


Live tonight: Lesson 4 of the "Finance Brokerage" Series

Live Topic: Current Situation of Loan Intermediaries and Market Analysis

Panel discussion: Secrets of high-end personal and corporate fraud

Live time: 7:30 to 11:30 pm on July 23

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