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Tonight's live broadcast: the fourth session of the "financing broker's business" series: the status quo and market analysis of loan intermediaries

Source: excellent group -- the first brand of credit and financial training. Release time 2018-07-23


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Topics on loan Intermediaries: status quo and market analysis

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[live broadcast] July 23rd
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A kind of Focus: what really messed up the entire lending agency industry?

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What is it that has polluted the entire lending agency industry?

This is a gray area with a mixed environment and a very low threshold.

Any customer manager is 2 million of the annual salary, not such a high fee, how can they have their profits? This is windfall!

If there is no loan agency, customers may not be able to borrow a cent. So even if I know that there is intermediary fee, I will still find an intermediary, and I will try to find a word of mouth. It is precisely because people have demand that there will be an intermediary market, and many customers are willing to spend more money on convenience buying time.


Why do you find a loan agency?

Many people's first impression of "intermediary" is disgusting. Especially in recent years, it is not too bad to say "hate". Occasionally, receiving a loan call will also scold a few sentences.

And some customers who have approached the loan intermediary feel that they have been caught in the pit. At the beginning, it is acceptable to say that a good service charge is acceptable, but unexpectedly, they will "sit up and pay" in the process of submitting materials, and you can not give it to them. I have no way to go to bank loans myself.

On the one hand, "hate" the loan intermediary, on the other hand, have to "love" the loan intermediary, "love each other kill" the description is probably this kind of relationship! Since many intermediaries dig traps for you to jump, why are you willing to jump?

These are probably the reasons:

1. people are not good enough to worry that they will be refused directly.

2., it is too risky to go directly to the bank to apply for a loan. If it is simply refused, the key is that the credit is reflected.

3., it is urgent to use money, and the efficiency of banks is too low. Even if we can pay the money, far away water will not save the near fire.

4. there are many banks and lending institutions, and there are many loan products.



Two, the true appearance of loan intermediaries

"Pit", "vampire", "mercenary", "no moral bottom line"... These labels are accepted by many people.

But looking back, is the original intention of intermediaries not to solve the problem of "loan difficulty"? We look at the definition of intermediaries in the relevant laws of the state: the fortieth law of the promotion of SMEs in People's Republic of China:

From a general perspective, the state not only excludes and even encourages all kinds of social intermediary organizations to provide loan guarantee, information consultation and other services to other SMEs. Therefore, the emergence of intermediary agencies in response to national policies, completely legitimate.

From the perspective of the public, there are more types and quantities of banks in China.

According to statistics, in 2017, there were 3822 banks in China, and credit and mortgage loans were almost the basic configuration of each bank.

The small loan agency data report released by the central bank also showed that in the first half of 2017, there were 8643 small loan companies in China. Even if every small loan company had only one loan product, these small loan companies also had nearly 9000 loan products.

There are many banks and lenders, so the quantity and variety of loan products in the market are also various. Each product has different requirements for the customer's loan qualification. The ordinary person looking for a suitable product is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In many cases, it has wasted time and energy and has not yet obtained the loan approval.

Intermediaries can solve this problem as intermediaries. They collect some service fees to screen customers' products for banks or organizations, help customers to provide related consulting services, enable customers to apply for the right products in a shorter time, and solve the loan demand more efficiently and accurately.

Under the service of information consultation and loan guarantee provided by intermediaries, individuals, entrepreneurs, small and micro business operators can successfully obtain loans and finance to realize their personal values and life dreams. It can be said that just because of the emergence of loan intermediaries, the bank loans that were originally "high above" could be "flying into the homes of ordinary people". This is also the point that loan intermediaries conform to the public sentiment.

But now, loan intermediaries are already "black". ?

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Three, "the world intermediary is generally black"?

We often say that the principle that service organizations should stick to is "customer first". In order to satisfy customers' needs as far as possible, individual loan intermediaries will also go to "curve saving the nation".

Many clients have only two requests for loans: interest as low as possible, as high as possible.

If you want to meet these two requirements at the same time, you can only find banks. This requires customers to have excellent qualifications. The actual situation is that there are few and few high end customers. Therefore, in some lending intermediaries, some customer managers achieve their goals in order to achieve their performance and retain customers through some "operations" (Jia Zhengxin, fake water lines, fake contracts, etc.).

But we all know that "fish and bear's paw can not have both." If the customer qualification is excellent, the bank can get the loan with lower interest and satisfactory amount through the bank. However, customers with poor qualifications or poor qualifications will not be able to get a satisfactory amount of interest. The larger the demand for customers, the more stringent the risk control of banks or lending institutions. This means that the risk and cost of loan intermediaries will increase, and the intermediary fees will be increased accordingly.

Therefore, it is the individual behavior of individual loan intermediaries that has discredited the whole industry. The whole industry of loan intermediaries is not a hell of a door.

However, there are many loan intermediaries holding the initial intention to provide loan services to all of you.

There is a case:

A client needs a bone marrow transplant to find a loan because his wife is suffering from leukemia, but the qualification of the client is not good enough. Not only can the bank access be hopeless, even many small loan companies refuse to apply. The client manager learned that the customer's wife had already had the bone marrow that was suitable for the operation, and only needed to raise the cost of the operation to carry out the operation. With the efforts of the customer manager, a loan from a small loan company was obtained. Of course, the amount was very low.

So the customer manager told the customer that they could help the client to make a crowd raising, which might fill the gap of the operation faster, perhaps because the customer was unwilling to disclose the personal situation to the public. Maybe he wanted to try again on his own strength. The client refused the advice of the client manager, and was ready to try other loans.

As a financial service institution, loan intermediary companies can collect corresponding intermediary fees according to law as input costs and rewards. For example, the current 10% of the market intermediary service fees, and the specific cost fluctuations should be based on customer qualifications, credit products and personal needs of customers floating. In the above case, the customer qualification is relatively general, but can get a loan without service charge under the help of the customer manager. In fact, many intermediary service companies are not "crows are generally black", but many companies still hold the initiative to insist on serving the masses.

Almost everyone has heard of "never forget the beginning of the mind, but always". In fact, few people know that the next sentence is "easy to win, always hard to keep".

No matter what you do, it is the most valuable thing to stick to the idea of sticking to your heart, and the same is true for credit intermediary services. As long as an intermediary company remembers that it is in order to solve the problem of "loan difficulty", the industry still has hope and light.


Tonight's live broadcast: the fourth lesson of "financing broker's business" series

Theme of live broadcast: status quo and market analysis of loan intermediaries

Topic discussion: the secret of personal loans and corporate loans by high rank individuals

Live broadcast time: July 23rd evening 7:30 to 11:30

Live broadcast platform: YY channel (channel number detailed inquiry customer service)

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