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The first 100,000 in life? Get rich or negative?

发布时间2018-07-29 Article source: Youda Group - the first brand of credit brokerage training release time 2018-07-29

The first 100,000 in life? Get rich or negative?


The first 100,000 in life?

Such a topic will be very eye-catching.

In today's society, 100,000, how many?

not much!

I graduated from university and worked in a bank. The income in the first year was almost 100,000.

Of course, this is not in line with today's theme.

跟人家鞋厂打工、卖烧饼油条一样。 My bank's work income is the same as working for a shoe factory and selling biscuits.

They are all regular incomes and are not in the category of getting rich quickly.


I asked my friends specially, how did they come to the first 100,000 people in their lives.

A said, I am in the Internet cafe, do online auction

B said, I went to the night market to set up a stall, earned

C said, I am helping people to make flowers, earning 100,000 in 3 months.

D said that my first 10W is to drive a black car in Canada, the second 10W, which is earned by opening the hour.

E said, I am helping people to do the card and return it.

F said that my first 10W came from a credit card. My first 50W is also from a credit card. My first 100W is definitely a credit card.

These old fritters did not disappoint me, it was the taste of the rivers and lakes!

Teacher Chen has always said that people are not rich in foreign wealth, and horses are not fat.


What is easy to get rich in the industry today?

If you want to get rich, you need to innovate. Those who stick to the rules, you are suitable for hard work and wealth.

Real estate, speculative coins, anchors, POS machines, money brokers, cash loans, etc. are not traditional formal industries.

Perhaps these examples are too networked, let people around me say something.

Among my classmates, there are two people, one man and one woman, who started from scratch.

Men are doing foreign trade, women are doing purchasing.

If they are like Mr. Chen, they will go to work in stable units after graduation, and they will not have the achievements of today.


Back to the topic of the article, as a card player, Xiaoyou will definitely recommend you.

The first 100,000 in life, you need a credit card!

If you are a college graduate, it is easy to have a credit card as long as you have a job.

The first card is very important, you must find a salesman to do it. No accident, there is a quota of 10,000.

As long as this year, your work has not changed, the credit card has not expired, and there is no full set of vacancies, and there is no messy online loan.

Then, keep the frequency of applying for one card for 2 months, and try to ask the salesman to go to the door.

总额度一二十万妥妥的。 After one year, you can easily get 6 cards, plus the amount, the total amount is one hundred and twenty thousand.

Some people will say that it is basically two things!

不是你赚到的钱,只是你能用的钱。 The 100,000 credit card is not the money you earn, just the money you can use.


You can use your own money and you can use your credit card money;

You invest, you can use your own money, you can also use credit card money.

a person who has 100,000 but cannot borrow money,

With a person who has only 10,000, but can borrow 1 million,

Who is richer?

You buy a house, pay a down payment with "6 wallets", and the rest are looking for a bank mortgage.

I bought a house, paid a down payment with "6 credit cards", and the rest sought a bank mortgage.

Who are you with me, who is more cattle?

Therefore, don't entangle this money, it is your own, or the bank.

As long as you can control this money, that is enough.


In today's China, the easiest way to get rich is to make real estate speculators.

If you want to speculate, you must have at least a down payment.

获取首付资金拿到炒房资格。 If you have nothing, you can use your credit card to get the down payment and get the real estate qualification.

为银行理财的蝇头小利而欢欣雀跃。 Those who stick to the rules, do not raise funds and do not speculate, and rejoice in the small profits of bank financing.


When Mr. Chen was an account manager at the bank, he found an interesting phenomenon.

生怕被熟人看到。 It is often difficult for poor people to come to the loan, for fear of being seen by acquaintances.

In his view, the loan is a matter of talented people, and it is very shameful.

到处跟人打招呼。 The rich come to the loan, talk freely, and say hello to people everywhere.

In his view, the loan is because my business is doing a lot, and it means that I have strength and it is normal.

A person's vision often determines his career.

Finally, Xiaoyou emphasized that

You don't have to be complacent about those who don't have debts.

In your opinion, people who play card financing are not enterprising.

In fact, in the eyes of the other party, why are you not?

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