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Reminder of the class: [Da Yinˇ¤熹声]Mr. Huang Mengfu’s first national disciple class starts on August 3

发布时间2018-07-29 Article source: Youda Group - the first brand of credit brokerage training release time 2018-07-29

[大音ˇ¤熹声]Mr. Huang Mengfu, the first national disciple class

熹师ˇ¤孟话ˇ¤ First words

● Words such as gold

Financial intermediary "ecological chain" passive earning system

● Enlightenment

Nine personality! Recognize people and build a group! The performance of the outbreak!

● 珍友珍宝

Huaxia Xincai General Manager analyzes the wind control system! The right medicine! 9 large loans are ten!


Course details

In the past 7 years, I have studied thousands of financial intermediaries and analyzed the root causes of some people's inability to continue to passively make big money.

8 major "ecological chain" pain points

There is no formal long-term business positioning (positioning pain points)

No profit model for designing business (mode pain point)

No ongoing customer and traffic sources (flow pain points)

Display system without strong trust (trust pain point)

There is no set of wind control mode to overcome the customer's psychological anti-running order (running single pain point)

There is no complete and long-term realization mode (realizing pain points)

There is no plan to quickly enlarge the project (scale pain point)

There is no practical theory supported by solid theory (technical pain points)

Want to make big money!

It is necessary to completely solve these 8 big problems! ! Create a passive income "ecological chain" system! !


Let me first tell a real student case:

He is a very ordinary Chongqing student: (It is a little older, usually called Feng Ge. At that time, I really couldn't find out where his advantages are, the general knowledge, the age has no advantage, the foundation is very general) but his greatest advantage: Do not doubt, listen to what you do.

In just two years, he grew up from a financial white to a bull in the Chongqing financing intermediary circle. In 2017, he earned 2 million yuan. Now he has established his own team. His goal this year is 5 million. And he is only part of the "ecological chain" money making system...

Financial intermediaries who really make big money, they do not have the unfathomable technology and rich knowledge reserves that everyone imagines. They are more aware of the simple and violent collection and payment mode, the process-oriented interaction, and the batch-type transaction. A set of processes.

They usually use: find a large number of hungry people, provide them with interesting and simple lazy financing channels, often interact with each other, stimulate each other's financing needs, build trust in a short time, and motivate them to take action You help, then zoom in....

What I want to say to you is:

If you don't learn the details of any study, everything is equal to zero!

3 years of offline training experience, from 2015 to the present, I have been researching and practical intermediaries to get the customer model, the practice of realizing the model, the customer psychology nine personality analysis, etc., now quite a part of the customer work is composed of nine Personality judgment and cut-in are completed. As for other work, it is very simple and can be quantified, gaining customers' hearts and opening up the national market.


The mode is chosen well, and the effort is saved. It is very suitable for the intermediary to "take the sheep" to make money.

What's even more exciting is that you can, like many disciples, a laptop, a few mobile phones, do a few promotion a month, get a job at home, do a good job, and the average monthly income is more than 50,000. I am talking about personal income, and I have not said the team benefits of the studio operation.

Core description

99% of the content taught in this year's disciples class is brand new content. [2018 Da Yin Xi Sheng: Financial Intermediary Make Money Realization Marketing System] is the first public in the country, the first batch of children's shoes, in the second half of the year, grasp the new The first wave of dividends in the new market under the policy, the teaching content is too lethal.

Top-level design

Whether it is an individual practitioner, a studio or a classmate with a company, the sooner you build a top-level design, the less successful it will be.


The simplest powder mode in the whole network

This set of hearts breaks through the method of obtaining customers, and combines the study of nine personality types, which is only available to disciples.

Even if you are a little white, the teachers will tell you every step of the detailed process in the classroom, all without reservation.

The latest financial intermediaries in 2018 make money to realize the marketing system

The disciple class first disclosed the core content

In the classroom, directly tell us the case of actual operation, and organize the case process of the actual operation, and organize the nodes into mind maps. In the process of execution, each node checks and sees which aspect has not been done yet. After finishing this process, it is time to harvest the fruits, in the usual practice, follow the process, will never get lost in practice, and quickly find the road to wealth. The next thing to do is to quickly enlarge the results.


Invited financial big coffee, second to understand the management of the risk

Teacher Huang Mengyu invited many years of friends, the general manager of the financial big Huaxia Xincai, to analyze the wind control system! The right medicine! 9 large loans are ten!

This set of disciplinary marketing system worth over one million. Also designed for students with basic or small white, seemingly mysterious, in fact, are all executable steps, simple to understand at a glance, power is not.

Teacher Huang is a practical person. There is no empty theory. Only the essence extracted from actual combat, a lot of cash technology can be realized, and the technology can be refined to talk. It will be done by itself, that is, the Tao.

Hear this, and then come to a more fierce material (exclusive top secret)

How to create a studio full set of solutions at zero cost (founding company, system, risk control, trademark application channel, team management, magnifying results, leadership), value of 3,980 yuan teacher leadership courses, there are also welfare giving courses.

Start time: August 3 - August 4

Course location: Chongqing Oriental Shanshui Hotel

For the trainees: the national disciple of Huang Mengfu

Registration method: contact customer service, register as soon as possible, book in advance, close at any time



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